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Pipeline Patrol Gas Leak Camera Pod


Eagle Pods LLC proudly introduces our new gas leak detection camera pod for the oil and gas industry.  This new system uses a highly specialized camera that identifies methane gas leaks in pipelines, allowing operators to pinpoint and visualize hydrocarbon gas leaks invisible to the human eye.

Increases Safety

Protects the Environment 

Safeguards Property 

Cessna 172 with Gas Leak Detection Equipment

FAA Approved

 This system is available as a strut mounted option for Cessna 172s, 182 and 206s.  Custom mounting solutions are available upon request.  Contact us to learn more.


 This system can sense gas leaks from altitudes above 1,000ft. 


The system works best at airspeeds around 80 knots.

Artifical Intelligence

We use a powerful artificial intelligence program to analysis the footage for each flight.  The computer scans the video footage looking for signs of a gas leak.  If a gas leak is discovered, the system colorizes the plum for quick and easy identification.  A video technicians confirms the leak and the location is documented for further investigation.   

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