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Eagle Pods LLC is a Minnesota-based company that specializes in designing and developing airborne sensor systems, commonly known as "Camera Pods," for manned aircraft. Our expertise lies in effectively mounting various types of sensors to aircraft, catering to a wide range of needs.

Eagle Pods LLC emerged as an offshoot of its sister company, Eagle Eye Photography LLC. Originally, the camera pods were designed, developed, and sold under the name of Eagle Eye Photography ( In 2021, the decision was made to separate our products from the services, leading to the establishment of Eagle Pods LLC.

Our state-of-the-art production facility and showroom are strategically located at the Maple Lake Municipal Airport, situated in Maple Lake, Minnesota.



James embarked on his journey in the aerial imagery business back in 2009, determined to assist customers in acquiring elusive aerial imagery through innovative approaches. Throughout the years, he has honed his expertise in capturing and processing aerial imagery by utilizing an array of sensors, employing a unique combination of blimps, helicopters, drones, and fixed-wing aircraft. Accumulating over 11,000 flight hours across the country, James is no stranger to various aircraft.

With a passion for innovation, James and his team has taken on the role of designing, building, and certifying diverse camera pods, tailor-made for fixed-wing aircraft. These exceptional camera pods have found their way to news networks, utility companies, and film studios worldwide. Embracing cutting-edge technology, James has effectively bridged the gap between fixed-wing aircraft and tasks traditionally handled by helicopters. His unyielding creativity and unconventional approaches continually push the boundaries of aerial imagery acquisition, revealing his unwavering commitment to the advancement of technology.

James Aarestad standing next to OGI camera pod



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