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Eagle Pods LLC is a Minnesota based company that designs and develops airborne senor systems (aka "Camera Pods") for manned aircraft.  We specialize in mounting all types of sensors to aircraft for a variety of needs.  


Eagle Pods LLC is an offshoot of it's sister company Eagle Eagle Photography LLC.  The camera pods were originally designed, developed and sold under under Eagle Eye Photography's name ( ).   The decision was made to separate the products from the services in 2021, which gave birth to Eagle Pods LLC.

Our production facility and showroom is located at the Maple Lake Municipal Airport, in Maple Lake, Minnesota




James started work in the aerial imagery business in 2009 helping his customers obtain hard to get aerial imagery using non-traditional methods.  James has mastered the art of obtaining and processing aerial imagery using a variety of sensors using a unique combination of blimps, helicopters, drones and fixed wing aircraft.  Over the years, James has accumulated more than 11,000 flight hours in various aircraft around the country.


James has designed, built and certified a variety of camera pods for use on fixed wing aircraft.  These camera pods have been sold to new networks, utility companies and film studios around the world.  James loves harnessing the latest technology to allow fixed wing aircraft to accomplish tasks traditionally done by helicopters. James loves thinking outside the box by finding new and creative ways to obtain aerial imagery and pushing the limits of technology


James Aarestad standing next to OGI camera pod
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