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The Camera Genie

Introducing the Camera Genie geotagging system.  The Camera Genie is the ultimate low-cost precision geotagging system for manned aircraft aerial mapping missions.  The Camera Genie is a small computer that triggers the camera and logs the camera's location at the exact at the exact instant of exposure.

Camera Genie geotagging system

Simplifying Precision 3D Aerial Photogrammetry

The Camera Genie and consists of a survey-quality GPS and a precision intervalometer.  The system works with a variety of cameras and produces an Excel or text file of Image ID, and the Latitude, Longitude and altitude of the aircraft GPS antenna at the instant of exposure.  This information can be used to provide a seamless orthomosaic and co-registered Digital Elevation Model (DEM).  The basic system uses SBAS (WAAS) corrections in real-time to achieve sub-meter accuracy.  Post processing using NGS CORS sites can produce ~10cm accuracies.

This picture shows the components of the Camera Genie

System Components

  • Precision Intervalometer

  • Controller

  • PPP Receiver

  • Small size: 15cm x 8cm x 5cm (6” x 3” x 2”)

  • Low cost: Inertial and Lidar components not required for excellent results

  • Simple “Start” / “Stop” operation allows single individual (pilot) control

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply  to overcome aircraft power “glitches” 10+ hour operation without charging

Geotagging System for Aerial Mapping
Camera Geotagging System for Cessna Aircraft

Easy Cabin Mounting

The Camera Genie can be placed on a seat 

or shelf next to the camera's computer

for easy access in flight

Flight Proven Capability

  • Camera Genie Turns ANY camera (Canon, Nikon, PhaseOne, etc) into an Airborne 3D Mapping System

  • Camera Genie captures precise camera coordinates at the instant of image exposure

  • Simple touchscreen control and timey of any camera used for airborne imagery (adjustable .3 to 99 second interval between exposures

  • Real-time display of coordinate accuracy (Latitude, Longitude and Altitude) in meters

  • Real-time display of satellites uded in computing DGPS position

  • On-screen display of cumulative number of images acquired

  • On-screen alarms showing any image capture failure

  • Flash drive recording capacity exceeding 24 hours

  • Real-time camera geolocation accuracy based on differential GPS (SBAS or Atlas)

  • Ground control, IMU and LiDAR not required for excellent Orthos and DEMs

  • GNSS data saved to USB flash drive for post flight processing

Interested in the Camera Genie? 

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