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Aerial Mapping Camera Pod


Introducing the Recon-XL camera pod. The ultimate low cost aerial mapping solution. The Recon-XL quickly turns any Cessna like this into an aerial mapping powerhouse. Its a multi pay load solution designed to house a variety of sensors depending on your needs. The Recon-XL allows you to build the system you need to meet the demands of your clients.

The Recon-XL is STC’d and EASA approved for installation on Cessna 172s, Cessna 182s and Cessna 206s

FAA & EASA Approved

Aerial Mapping Camera Pod

The Recon-XL can easily house sensors in the oblique or nadir orientation. Anti vibration mounts are customized for the weight and center of gravity for your payload ensuring clear and crisp images. It can house cameras such as:

-DSLR cameras

-Mirrorless cameras

-Hasselblad A6D

-Phase One iXM cameras

-Multi spectral cameras such as the Phase One 4 Band RGB and NIR -

-LiDAR scanners and virtually any other sensor that can fit inside the pod.

Multi-Payload Solution

Phase One Logo

We are a systems integrator partner with Phase One cameras.  For pricing on Phase One camera systems, please contact us.


Entirely Self Contained

Depending on the sensors, the Recon-XL can be configured to be an entirely self-contained system with an internal battery and wireless control from the cabin of the aircraft.  A built-in Intel NUC PC gives users full access to the camera and the flight management system. A wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, and wireless video monitor gives users full control of all parameters during the flight.

Camera Triggering and GeoTagging System

The Recon-XL supports a variety of geotagging and flight management systems including the Phase One iX Controller MK5 and Camera Genie.   These systems provide extremely accurate real-time GPS PPK data for every image captured and a reliable way to trigger your camera.  Additionally, an IMU can be added for Pitch, Roll and Yaw data. This allows you to create tight photogrammetry projects and reduce your dependence on ground control points.

Camera Genie.png
Aerial Mapping Camera Pod
Aerial Mapping Camera Pod

Flight Management Systems

The Recon-XL currently supports Flight Management Systems made by Phase One, Phoenix Lidar and our own in-house system.  These systems allow operators to plan, fly and post process the data.  Contact us to learn more.

Phoenix Lidar System's Ranger-XL

The Recon Surveyor-XL can also house Phoenix LiDAR System’s Ranger XL. This is the ultimate corridor mapping system perfectly suited for high accuracy projects. This system uses a high point cloud density laser scanner, a fiber optic gyro IMU and an optional Phase One camera system for highly accurate mapping. Using a Riegl laser scanner with a 75 degree field of view and an extremely fast data acquisition rate of up to 1.8 megahertz, operators can quickly cover tens of thousands of acres per day. This system uses their proprietary software to plan on fly the mission, requiring cables to be routed from the cabin to the camera pod.

iX Controller



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